Awful Neutral: A Dungeons and Dragons Tale

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Awful Neutral 012- Are You There Tifi? Its me Cabbage

Awful Neutral Chapter 12. Where;

  • Tifi's secret gets out.
  • Q'Vahn makes a powerful enemy.
  • Gertrude's Dudes consider an offer.

Awful Neutral 011- There is no pain in this dojo?

Awful Neutral Chapter 11. Where;

  • Chud gives a much needed apology.
  • Q'Vahn teaches a lesson.
  • Gertrude ruins her jelly hand.

Awful Neutral 010- Lets Play a Drinking Game!

Awful Neutral Chapter 10. Where;

  • Gertrude gets a make over.
  • A party is thrown.
  • Lethario gets a new kink.

Awful Neutral 009- Don’t Eat the Tapioca!!

Awful Neutral Chapter 8, where;

  • Q'Vahn get tortured by some bros
  • Lethario learns to love
  • Tapioca is ruined forever


Awful Neutral 008- Bring Me Back My Cat!

Awful Neutral Chapter 8, where;

  • Q'Vahn kills some birds.
  • Gertrude reunites with family.
  • Tifi reveals a secret.

Guest Starring show co/planner Joe Camacho as The Panda & Mr Dandy!

Awful Neutral 007- The Fantastic Mr Dandy

In this week's adventure;

  • The gang meets a fantastic and mysterious owner of a candy factory
  • They watch a panda beat a man to death
  • They teach the kenku the meaning of the word "slave"

Guest Staring Joe Camacho!

Awful Neutral 006- Get Your Cow In Check

This week on Awful Neutral,

  • Gertrude gets some
  • Decorative Cabbage gets a cow dropped on him
  • The fate of Flame Festival will be decided

Awful Neutral 005- Gertrude’s Magic Hand

This week on Awful Neutral;

  • The gang meets Gremyrl Stonebreaker, the first mate of their new air ship
  • We find out what Decorative Cabbage was up to inside the Punkrinomicon
  • Lethario and Gertrude make the room hot and uncomfortable

Awful Neutral 004- The Amazing Chud Bingsly

In this weeks adventure;

-Decorative Cabbage is turned into a book

-The gang fools some douche guards, an airship finely gets stolen

-Jessie Egan joins the cast as Chud Bingsly, provider of milk and master or disguise!  

Awful Neutral 003- Q’Vahn & The Tomb of Cats

After saving the town from pirates, our band of misfits head to Adventures-Mart to spend!  Afterwards, will they be allowed to ever return?  Doubtful.  

Awful Neutral 002 - Gonna Steal an Airship!

Awful Neutral Episode 2;  where the gang meets Mayor Privilegington, chases a Panda (?), plans a heist, and learns of Adventure-Mart.  

Awful Neutral 001- Silly Mortals and Their Finger Guns

Welcome to the first episode of Awful Neutral!  Where adventurers meet, a donkey is murdered, a bastard is made, and kenku pirates are fought.  Enjoy!

Special Thank You to Joe Camacho, Keaton O'Malley, & Robert Timothy


Awful Neutral Trailer- First taste is free homie

This is just a trailer! Enjoy the taste! Episode 001 will air on Tuesday with weekly releases every Tuesday afterwards.  Thanks for listening!

Awful Neutral 000.5- Meet the Gang! (Character Introductions)

Meet the cast as they describe their characters before your delve into episode 1!  Thanks for joining us on our adventure!  See you every Tuesday fellow nerds!


Thank you to Keaton O'Malley and Joe Camacho for help with music and Story!