Awful Neutral: A Dungeons and Dragons Debacle

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Awful Neutral 013- I’ll Jelly Slap a Bitch!

June 27, 2019

Awful Neutral Chapter 13. Where;

  • Secrets of the past are revealed.
  • The U.S.S. Gertrude's Dudes gets a paint job.
  • Decorative Cabbage gets bit.


Special thanks to Joe Camacho and Keaton O’Malley. Special thanks to all the incredible artists whose incredible work makes the show;Check out their incredible works!

  • -David Fesliyan- ‘Gym Workout’, ‘Land of Fantasy’, ‘The Final Two’, ‘Dark Hero’, ‘His Fight Is Over’, ‘Vengeance’ , ‘Destruction’, ‘Tiny Kingdom’, ‘The Dark Castle’, ‘Orc Chase’, ‘Pirate Dance’, ‘Retribution’, ‘Poisonous’, ‘Boss Battle Rock’, ‘The Epic Boss Fight’, ‘In The Clouds’, ‘Cold Isolation’, ‘Warm Light’, ‘Goodbye, My Friend’, ‘A Hero’s Defeat’, ‘A Search for the Hidden’, ‘Video Game Adventure’, ‘Crazy Drummer’, ‘Paranoia’, ‘The Chase of My Life’, ‘Action Crave’, ‘Sad Winds Chapter 1’, ‘Sad Winds Chapter 2’, ‘The Quiet Morning’, ‘Super Hero Showdown’, ‘Assault Team 1’, ‘Journey To The Promise’, ‘Tears of Joy’, ‘Epic Intro Music’, ‘Please Dont Cry’, ‘I Am Iron’, ‘No More Good’, ‘Trouble Is Brewing’, ‘New Heights’, ‘Villainous’, ‘Reborn’, ‘Take Down’, ‘Preparation 2’, ‘Fight Dance’, ‘Desperation’, ‘Father Forgive Them’, ‘Hybrid Enemy’, ‘Battle of the Awake’, ‘Fight Me If You Can’, ‘Secret Soldiers’, ‘A New Day Is Coming’, ‘Can it be’, ‘Space Conspiracy’, ‘Ready to Fight’, (Royalty free music from
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